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XenForo 2-2-7 Released Full


XF 2.2.7'deki bazı değişiklikler şunları içerir:

  • Update add-on list filter bar to use the correct prefix search phrase.
  • Output XenForo version when running cmd.php --version or -V
  • Change [MEDIA] BB code tag example to point to a valid video.
  • Ensure the input element for token inputs inherit the expected font color.
  • Disable caching for the birthdays member stat. The results could be different for each user depending on time zone so caching won't be effective.
  • Workaround a browser quirk to do with sticky navigation and the staff bar when the border width is an odd number. This removes the bottom border entirely.
  • Workaround an issue that could be caused by mail queue entries that fail to unserialize.
  • Avoid n+1 queries when filtering profile posts from banned users in the find new system
  • Patch loose string comparisons such as !$username and in_array($username, $usernames) that can result in unexpected behaviors when wierd strings are used.
  • When permanently deleting threads, ensure associated records are deleted too
  • When generating RSS feed entries for threads, set the guid attribute to the thread ID
  • Only overwrite push notification opt-out preferences if the visitor has permission to use push notifications.
  • Allow unassociated attachment deletion cutoff to be extended inline with draft save lifetime, plus refresh temporary attachments when saving a draft.
  • Trim excess whitespace from the beginning of Font Awesome icon classes
  • Fix compatibility issue with type checking when rendering prefixes
  • Add a new registration default to control whether push notifications should be sent for new conversation messages.
  • Fix an issue preventing guests from creating polls
  • When updating content reactions, check if reactions actually exist in the cache
  • Properly coerce URLs that may not begin with "www."
  • Fix casing for the metadata logo URL phrase
  • Don't allow retaining IDs when importing reaction content records
  • Use correct type hint for the getTitle method in the Report entity
  • When editing admin navigation items, properly save the development_only value
  • Adjust the query for determining who should receive a report closure notification to only return distinct and non-zero user IDs
  • If using PHP 7.1 or above, allow the image proxy to fetch and store webp images.
  • Ensure control panel attachment manager date boundaries are inclusive
  • Open off-canvas sub-navigation menu when tapping a heading with no link
  • Do not attempt to query for uncached content permissions after the global cache has already been run
  • Remove duplicated templates for node permissions management
  • Support specifying multiple content types when rebuilding the search index
  • Change "Edit own thread title" permission to "Edit own thread" as this permission allows multiple thread properties to be edited.
  • Improve legibility of thread prompt placeholder on the title input while using a narrow display when creating a new thread.
  • Do not offset the sticky submit row in overlays to account for bottom fixed notices that are behind the overlay.
  • Hover variants based on saturate() won't work with greys or near greys, so let's focus on xf-intensify() instead, and raise the value somewhat to compensate for the loss of the hover saturate
  • When merging users, carry over previous username change logs too.
  • Remove redundant file existence check when loading templates
  • Remove redundant file existence check when loading phrase groups
  • When autolinking emails expand the range of word characters permitted in additional domain parts.
  • Adjust Vimeo BB code media site to not match profile URLs unintentionally.
  • Impose a limit on the maximum number of keywords that can be searched for (default: 1024) and allow XFES to fetch the max_clause_count configuration value where possible to avoid a shard exception.
  • Steps to avoid accessing a Less mixin from one file defined in another. Move to setup.less but retain reference to the original for backwards compatibility for now.
  • When unfurling URLs using unfurl.php ensure we're using the correct style for the user and passing in the default template params.
  • Update timezone data
  • Add Sri Lanka to the list of locales
  • Handle a race condition where proxy images get pruned in the middle of a request more gracefully
  • When moving the first post out of a thread with no other visible posts, correctly set the state of the new first post and original thread record
  • Use the number of replies in a question thread as the number of answers instead
  • Allow toggling the direction of date sort orders on user upgrade lists
  • Avoid throwing an error when sending an activity summary that has a section title containing a dot.
  • Resolve a number of rich text editor quirks when pasting various content.
  • When fetching metadata from a URL improve checks to ensure we get a valid charset encoding where possible and prevent against an Error exception thrown if an invalid character set encoding is encountered.
  • When copy/pasting content that contains quotes, tidy up the output and ensure it outputs correctly with the appropriate attributes to maintain quote author and content.
  • When parsing a color string (such as for the metaThemeColor property usage) normalize the color to its hex value by default.
  • When typing conversation recipients allow a min length value of 1 for single character usernames.
  • Improve performance of the attachment manager when working with mind-boggling numbers of attachments
  • Workaround a tooltip displaying potentially in the wrong language in the editor draft button drop down.
  • Use text-shadow to give a stroke effect to usernames whilst avoiding a wrapping issue
  • Remove reference to zxcvbn.min.js source mapping to avoid 404 error.
  • Skip some parts of the _preSave method in Thread entity if thread does not have a forum.
  • Prevent iconic labels from overflowing their container
  • Introduce a code event for manipulating the current page cache ID
  • When uninstalling content type data during an add-on uninstall set the attachment content_id to 0 as well as unassociated to avoid conflicts if reinstalling. The files will be cleaned up later.

Aşağıdaki genel şablonlarda değişiklikler oldu:
  • _help_page_bb_codes
  • bb_code_tag_quote
  • conversation_add
  • conversation_invite
  • core_blockmessage.less
  • core_datalist.less
  • core_input.less
  • core_overlay.less
  • editor_base.less
  • forum_post_thread
  • member.less
  • member_tooltip
  • member_tooltip.less
  • member_view
  • select2.less
  • setup.less
  • thread_list_macros
Gerektiğinde, bu değişiklikleri entegre etmek için "eski şablonlar" sayfasındaki birleştirme sistemi kullanılmalıdır.

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